Silent Weapons for Food Procurement

silent weapons for food procurementWhat tools can we call on to help us acquire food? Can we procure food without attracting attention to ourselves and without giving away our location? There is a very serious need to use silent weapons for food procurement. Continue reading Silent Weapons for Food Procurement

Altai Tactical Boots

altai tactical bootsMy last pair of boots were looking a bit worn down, so I was on the prowl for some new boots. Out of the blue, I get contacted, to see if I’m willing to test and review a pair of Altai Tactical Boots. They have no idea what they are getting into. Do they? Continue reading Altai Tactical Boots

Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds – The great debate

Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom SeedsEvery year I have the Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds argument with myself. This year I finally figured it all out. If only I had known that the Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds answer was this easy.
Continue reading Hybrid Seeds vs Heirloom Seeds – The great debate

HERCulean Giveaway!

titan giveaway   The Prepared Bloggers are always looking for ways to help our loyal readers be prepared for the unexpected. We are so pleased to be able to team up with Titan Ready USA, for this fabulous giveaway.

We all know we need water, and we need a way to cook our meals. These units are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to being properly prepared. Continue reading HERCulean Giveaway!

Do You Have a Hard Copy of Your Phone Contacts?

hard copy of phone contacts  Preppers know that you need to have backups for essential and emergency items; but do you have a hard copy of your phone contacts? Continue reading Do You Have a Hard Copy of Your Phone Contacts?

BaoFeng Antenna Upgrade

Baofeng antenna upgrade   Handheld HAM radios are great since they are small and portable, but you may find yourself needing to extend their range. A BaoFeng Antenna upgrade might be exactly what you need.

Continue reading BaoFeng Antenna Upgrade

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