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Storing Dairy Products

storing dairy productsWhen planning your food storage needs, dairy is one type of food that we all struggle with. Luckily today, there are very good methods for storing dairy products! Continue reading Storing Dairy Products

Storing Water

storing waterWhen discussing food storage, storing water should be at the top of the list. Continue reading Storing Water

Storing Your Food Storage

storing your food storageAll you need is a little ingenuity and resourcefulness, to help you find where to store your food that your family will need to survive in an emergency. Continue reading Storing Your Food Storage

Math, Recipes and Shopping Lists

math, recipes and shopping listsWhile you are planning your food storage, take advantage of all that fancy book learnin’ and use some simple math with your recipes and shopping lists to determine how much of each ingredient you’ll need to store! Continue reading Math, Recipes and Shopping Lists

Natural Insect Repellents

natural insect RepellentsWhen outside, where insects are persistent, you can use natural insect repellents and some common sense to keep the bugs from coming for you! Continue reading Natural Insect Repellents

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