Let's get prepared for extraordinary situations together! - John (Geek Prepper)
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Why Do You NEED a Ham Radio License?

why do you need a ham radio licenseI’ve heard all the excuses from people who think they don’t need to get their Ham Radio License. Now see why they are wrong! Continue reading Why Do You NEED a Ham Radio License?

Telling Time after SHTF

telling time after shtfAfter SHTF will we still be able to look at our wrists and instantly know what time it is? We still will need some method to count the hours and plan our days. What will be your method for telling time after SHTF? Continue reading Telling Time after SHTF

Protecting Food from Pests

protecting food from pestsYou food storage is for you and your family, not insects and rodents! You will need to use care and vigilance when protecting food from pests. Continue reading Protecting Food from Pests

Cross Train for Preparedness

cross train for preparedness Everyone has their gear of choice. What will do you if that gear breaks or suddenly isn’t usable? This is why you need to cross train for preparedness.

Continue reading Cross Train for Preparedness

How You Are Tracked

how you are trackedRemember the days when you only had to worry if someone was physically tailing you? You could use some creative evasion to disappear into a crowd or around a corner. Well those days are over. Here are a few ways on how you are tracked.

Continue reading How You Are Tracked

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