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Geek Prepper is a Shooter, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Super Nerd, Writer, Prepper; Showing you how to prepare for extraordinary situations.
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Knife Safety

knife safetyA knife is a key tool for ensuring your safety and in survival situations. It is critical that you understand and practice knife safety.  Continue reading Knife Safety

Gifts for Preppers

gift ideas for preppers What can you buy the preppers in your life? Here are some gifts for preppers to help you out. Continue reading Gifts for Preppers

Preparing for a Home Invasion

preparing for a home invasionIt’s the middle of the night and you hear your door crashing open. Your house is being invaded by armed individuals. What are you going to do now?

How you react in the first few minutes could save your life and your family, or doom you all! Families hold fire drills so why aren’t we practicing or preparing for a home invasion? Continue reading Preparing for a Home Invasion

Night Vision Without Batteries

Night Vision without Batteries  Night Vision levels the playing field in the darkness, but what can you do without power? You may need to find a way to use Night Vision without batteries.

Continue reading Night Vision Without Batteries

All American Pressure Canner & Waterbath Canner Giveaway

Giveaway-Pressure-Canner-April-20152-570x570All American Pressure Canner,  Waterbath Canner Giveaway & Self Reliant School Membership Giveaway! Continue reading All American Pressure Canner & Waterbath Canner Giveaway

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