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johnb   I’m just like you. I work 9-5 every day. I have a family and young children. I tell dumb jokes. I am not an avid outdoors-man. I’ve never served in the military. I have no specialized training. I live in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC, so bugging out or finding a survival retreat is a necessity.

This blog is based on this premise. A normal guy and his family learning about preparedness, bushcraft, survival and self-sufficiency.

You and I will become preparedness oriented. Together, we will learn to survive and along the way we’ll pick up the tips and tricks that work best. We will build our own arsenal of essential skills to carry us through, anything and everything, that the world can throw at us.

I promise to keep the posts coming, make them innovative, to find the products that we need to know about, and the information to make us stronger.  All you have to do is to promise to read and share these posts, to be interactive, email me and comment. Let me know what you want to see or what you need to know.

You have already taken the first step, and found this blog. Let’s continue working together on this. We can make this happen!

Welcome aboard,


PS: Here are a couple of posts, so you can see what this blog, and I’m about.


John B

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jb A preparedness blog, by a regular guy and written for regular people. Together, we can learn to prepare for extraordinary situations.
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