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Geek Prepper is a Shooter, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Super Nerd, Writer, Prepper; Showing you how to prepare for extraordinary situations.
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Guest Postings

If you’d like to write a guest post on GeekPrepper.org, please contact us via the form below. If your Guest Post is approved, we’ll post it and give you full credit.

This guest post MUST be on-topic, covering relevant things like

  • Prepping or Preparedness
  • Homesteading or Self Sufficiency
  • Off Grid, Solar Power, wind power, wood stoves, etc
  • Survival
  • The great outdoors (camping, fishing, gear)

If you submit a request to write us an “original article”, and it has nothing to do with the subject focus of geek-prepper.com, we will NOT respond to your request and it will promptly be trashed.

If you’d like to know what this website is about, please visit

We apologize, if this sounds harsh, but we wade through hundreds of emails a week, from people, who want to give us guest posts, that are in no way targeted to our readers.

Send your questions or ideas for a guest post

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