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Big Berkey Water filters. You can enter to win one free.

This contest ended in April 2011

Big Berkeys are the king when it comes to water filtration both at home and abroad. It’s used by many organizations when they have to go to 3rd world countries or sites where clean water isn’t available.

Anyway you can register to win one free. Maybe I’ll win, maybe you will.

This contest ended in April 2011

I entered to win a Big Berkey Water Filter ($209 value) from keeperofthehome.org and savingnaturally.com. Get entered here: http://bit.ly/ePRQGT

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  1. I’m having a small issue I cannot make my reader pick up your feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

    • I’ll have our programmers check out the feed. I’m sure it’s a minor issue related to our last upgrade. Heaven knows we break things all the time ;-)

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  3. this would be great as my daughter has 8 and one on the way it would be enough water to drink for them

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