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Hiking, camping or Bugging Out don’t forget your Walking Stick!

Don't forget your walking stickAny time you are heading out to go on a hike, go camping, or heaven forbid, Bugging out, don’t forget to grab your walking stick.

Hiking, camping or Bugging Out don’t forget your Walking Stick!


A walking stick is very helpful in the woods, on the trail, at the campsite or even while striding down a sidewalk or road for many reasons.

It can help you with your balance

  • Crossing water (Rivers, Creeks, Brooks, and Streams)
  • Hiking up or down hills.
  • assist you while carrying a heavy pack
  • Lean on it while at Rest

Reduce Stress on your body (Back, legs, knees, and feet)

  • Reduces shock on your knees
  • Reduce pressure to your back and hips

By now you’re probably sold, but wait, there’s even more!

Miscellaneous Uses

  • Moving Thorns out of your path so you can pass (Man I HATE thorns)
  • Moving aside other types of brush
  • A pole for the side or center of your tarp (or military pocho) shelter
  • Defense (animals, strangers in the forest).

My favorite use is to indicate to other people that I am hiking and not doing other nefarious things. People see you striding along, take one look at the walking stick and instantly think “Hiking”. This is good if you encounter police or accidentally stray onto private property.

Now you ask “John, where can I score one of those fancy walking sticks?”. The answer will surprise you.

You can find one in the woods, buy one at many places, or use an old broom or mop handle. Regardless where you get your walking stick, get one. They make a huge difference and come in very very handy.

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