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Gold and Silver alternatives to the dollar

gold and silver alternatives to the dollarPart of being prepared means that you have plans on the ability to improvise when things get bad or go wrong. Obviously, this means we should have gold and silver alternatives to the dollar.

Gold and Silver alternatives to the dollar

Our economy is fickle, it ebbs and flows. The US dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver but by debt. Fiat currency is very easy to manipulate. Right now the US dollar is being printed and mass dumped into the economy to try to hold off a big collapse. This collapse is going to be horrible for most Americans and will reach across the country into everyone’s lives.

We recommend that you prep alternatives to your local currency. Putting aside some precious metals, like Silver , would be a wise move.



More information about Silver, Gold and the Potential Dollar Crash:

Time to stock up on silver!

Dollar Crash – What then?

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