Guest Post: 5 Foods To Keep You Alive During A Zombie Apocalypse (Annabelle Smyth)

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Whether you’re planning to bug out to a secret location or would stand your ground in your fortified home, be ready to outlast them all by stocking up on some of the best foods for survival!

Dried and Dehydrated Fruit
Aside from water, dried fruits such as banana chips and mangoes are some of the best edible resources you’ll have for staying healthy in the zombie apocalypse. These little gems can last on your shelf for decades, and are light and easy to transport if you suddenly yourself on the run. Bonus: potassium from bananas is a key player in the fight against the lactic acid buildup that causes leg cramps!

Dried Meat
Tasty, tasty flesh. Unfortunately, perfect cuts of tender steak will be hard to come by once most of the population switches to a “brains only” diet. Instead of wallowing in despair, acquire a large supply of jerky or freeze-dried meat! Not only is it nutritionally dense and satisfying in flavor, but consuming dried chicken, pork, or beef provides an efficient means of providing your body with the amount of protein it needs to keep your body strong and active.

In the zombie apocalypse, no one has time for gardening. Canned and dried varieties are actually more desirable in the zombie apocalypse, since they are harder to smash and unlikely to rot. Also, canned beans provide a great alternative protein resource for vegetarian survivors. Even if you avoided eating them as a kid, you’ll find yourself happily chowing down as the vitamins and nutrients help your immune system stay in shape.

Processed Food Kits
Emergency food kits are an incredible resource for anyone hoping to survive the zombie infestation with their sanity intact. In a time when adrenaline, stress and fear are constant, familiar foods can help even the fiercest zombie hunter to keep a better grip on reality. When stocking up on your foods make sure you get plenty of long term food storage because who knows when humanity will be restored.

Nutritional value can’t always be the top priority. Sweet treats such as candy can be very comforting in times of stress, especially for the youngest survivors. As an added bonus, sucking on hard candies can help the mouth create saliva in times of extreme temperatures.

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