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Internet Communication OpSec

Internet Communication OpSecThis is an addition to Prepper Opsec, a “Must Read” in what has become the USA Totalitarian Regime.

Internet Communication OpSec

The original Article, Prepper Opsec, has become even more relevant with the uncovering of TrapWire and StellarWind.

“What is Trapwire and StellarWind?” you may ask. Here are some informational resources to help you learn:

Trapwire (Wikipedia)
#Trapwire (Twitter Feeds)

Trapwire (Google)

StellarWind (Wikipedia)
#StellarWind (Twitter Feeds)

StellarWind (Google)

Read about Brandon Raub, the man that was locked up for exercising his freedom of speech (1st Amendment) in a private facebook chat. He was arrested, with no charges and was incarcerated in an Insane Asylum… just like Communist Russia or Nazi Germany used to do!

What can you do to ensure your privacy? First read up on Op Sec. A Suggestion of Caution.

Next get a Private OffShore email account. Google’s Gmail is not private, as a matter of fact all your gmail, your Google searches (while logged in to ANY Google service), Google Voice, Google Navigator and any other Google service is ingested daily into government systems for archival and data mining.

You know who else does this to you? FACEBOOK. If you have private chat with an old friend that data is also ingested daily into government systems. No joke. You can read up on this on the net!

Private and Offshore email services:

Great article from NetworkWorld.com Hunting for an email service with extreme wishlist for privacy and security?

Why are our liberties being stripped away? I believe there are 2 very real options.

  1. The government wants us to fear using the Internet for communication. It’s a very powerful tool and they want to destroy it.
  2. The government wants to goad us into an incident or reaction so they can institute Martial Law.

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