Marylanders head to Annapolis for 2nd Amendment

2013-02-06 12.06.12In Annapolis today, I joined with thousands and thousands of Maryland citizens who were very concerned about their 2nd Amendment rights in the face of Maryland SB281, Draconian gun measures.

There were so many people that it was almost impossible to move. I did some quick recon, and found that Maryland PAC was representing National Association of Gun Rights (NAGR). I’ve volunteered with NAGR at some gun shows in our area, so I grabbed a clipboard, some Guns Rights Petitions and dove headfirst into the crowd to see who was there.

All walks of life were represented, I met veterans, IT guys, farmers, retired bankers, Bikers, housewives, homeschoolers, military families, government employees, off duty cops, dancers, and almost any other job, position or demographic you can imagine. Everyone was very friendly as I pushed through the crowd, with my “Assault Clipboard” (forward grip mounted on it! Really!). It was an awesome group of people.

I saw representatives of Oathkeepers, NRA, NAGR, Maryland PAC,, and MSI. I’m sure there were other groups there, but I was busy getting those signatures.

The Media is going to spin this. I saw multiple network reporters and their cameramen positioning themselves in positions to show the least amount of people as possible. I can’t wait to see it their anti gun propaganda.

This shows that Maryland residents won’t roll over and take having new BS gun legislation rammed down their throats. Let’s see if Maryland’s government will listen.

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