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Prepper OpSec

prepper opsecRecently a few stories have come to light that highlight the importance of Prepper Operational Security (OpSec).

Prepper OpSec

Is OpSec important for a prepper? I think OpSec should be important for everyone in any part of their life, that they want to remain private, or that is just no one else’s business!

Why is OpSec so important?

I highly recommend you read these 2 links.

1. Doomsday Prepper Sentenced To 21 Months In Federal Prison

This could have been mitigated by basic OpSec. Don’t talk about your stuff. Here’s a quote from a pretty good movie:


-Fight Club Movie 1999 (link)

Therefore we can extrapolate:


The second story is one that really freaks me out.

2. Gov Caught Spying On Visitors To Prepper Sites

There are many things we can do about this, using technology. We can use Browser extensions to block tracking cookies and websites that track us.

Recommended Browser Extensions:Prepper Operational Security

Ghostery: An extension (add on) for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers that tracks over 1,400 trackers and gives you a roll-call of the ad networks, behavioral data providers, web publishers, and other companies interested in your activity. It also allows you to block the ones you are concerned about or ALL of the trackers and cookies. I block them ALL. Download it from within your browser or here.

Https Everywhere – HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

Do Not Track Plus
Stop companies from tracking you
Free tool that puts you back in control of your information
Best available blocking stops more than 600 trackers
Compatible with Mac or PC for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer
Automatically updates to catch new trackers

Advertisers and other third parties track,  clutter, and slow down your web browsing. Disconnect makes the web your business not theirs.

It is highly recommended that you use use some form of browser privacy plugin/extension, like Ghostery or Disconnect. We are against web tracking, and Facebook, Google, Twitter, Digg and Yahoo are the big players in the tracking game. It’s how they make their money, then they give that data to the government agencies to profile you. These are the big boys that these extensions protect you from.

Other Privacy Tools and Tips:

Use a VPN service that does NOT keep logs of user activity. There are many out there for for a small annual fee.

Use Tor when you browse “Prepper” sites:

What is Tor?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security known as traffic analysis

Tor for Windows

Tor for Mac

Tor for Linux

Search Engines

Stop using Google or make sure to log out of all Google services before searching. Google is a one stop shop for many internet goodies: Searches, Voice, Chat, maps, GPS Navigation, books etc, but everything you do is tracked and logged to your accounts. I use Google Chrome for Gmail and facebook, then I use Firefox (NOT EVER LOGGED INTO GOOGLE OR FACEBOOK, or any other site) for searching and maps, etc.

You can make sure that you are logged out of Google by using this link https://mail.google.com/mail/?logout&hl=en, I have this set as my start page in Firefox just to make sure that I didn’t log into Google at some point by accident.

When I do search what do I use? Remember I’m an IT Guy (aka computer nerd) so I constantly look into this. That means that if something new comes up, I’m going to update this page. Check back as needed!

StartPage: Startpage doesn’t log your IP address or your search history. They are hosted outside the USA and therefore are out of reach of the Big Brother programs of the US Government (So Far…).  Here is the link to their Privacy Policy.

StartPage also has links on their main page to add their search engine to your browser and to make their site your browser’s home page or start page.

I also like DuckDuckGo. They are all about Privacy and not logging your searches. Read more about their privacy policy: https://duckduckgo.com/privacy.html

I highly recommend DuckDuckGo, check them out, use them, tell them GeekPrepper sent ya ;-)

Read Part II Internet Communication OpSec



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* Some links in this post are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I “may” get a small commission if you make a purchase, after clicking on the link. Thanks for helping to keep this website up and running and for supporting my family, for all the time I spend doing research and testing.

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