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Self Sufficiency – Prepping to the Next Level

self sufficiencyWhat do we do once we’ve got the Bug Out Bags, the survival supplies and the things we need to survive in a post-SHTF situation? I’ve been working on my preps for a while now and while there will always be room to add to modify my supplies and tactics, but what should the real goal be? The real goal to Prepping is to make sure you are as self reliant and self sufficient as possible.

Self Sufficiency

I believe every family unit should be able to produce or barter for a good portion of their food.

Everyone should be able to grow a small garden, even if you only have a patio or balcony. You can still grow foods using raised garden beds, container gardens, and bucket gardens and even upside down (topsy turvy) tomato planters.

We bring in our harvests, use what we can use now, then can or dehydrate what we need, to store for later.

So even if you can only grow one fruit of vegetable well, like tomatoes. You get all you need, store what you need for later. Then you can trade the extra (fresh or canned) to your neighbor for some of his zucchinis, to Joe the Hunter for one of those rabbits he got today or to Trapper Pete for some of the fur and meat from his latest catch.

Self sufficiency and barter are keys to survival. Even if you have no growing skills, hunting, skills or trapping skills, you may be able to manufacture an item that everyone needs, or you provide a service that will be vital and you can barter those skills for food or other products. Even if you can only swing an axe, people will trade food for firewood.

Becoming self sufficient is the key. If you only need to rely on yourself and your community then you won’t be as impacted if the big government machine fails or if the supply chain is interrupted. Heck if all goes well, you won’t even notice!

Keep in mind that the government won’t like this, as their goal is to have everyone as reliant on them as possible to maintain their control!

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