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Survival Equipment: Hands on with the Stack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet

Here at Geeks-Guide we always condone securing your weapons, and now we can show you an economic solution to do just that.

The Stack-On 14 Gun Security Cabinet isn’t what we’d call a gun safe, but it is better than sticking them in your closet. If properly secured to the wall and floor it should prevent unauthorized tampering by your children and also prevent theft, from all but the most determined and prepared thieves.

One recommendation we make is to mount this in a corner, drill some holes in the side of the cabinet where the wall studs line up, then toss out the 1.5-2 inch bolts that come with it and replace them with some stout 3 or 4 inch bolts and use the largest washers you can find. Make sure that you have the holes in the rear and newly drilled holes in the side lines up with the wall studs! Once this cabinet is secured to two walls and to the floor below it won’t be going anywhere.

Geeks-Guide Product Description:
14 gun Gun Solid steel Cabinet. Secure 3 point locking system installed on the pry-resistant door. Door has concealed, full-length welded and staked steel piano safety hinges, Double bitted, key-coded-lock; Pre-drilled holes allow for floor or wall fastening (hardware included); Durable baked epoxy finish in black or hunter green; Supports rifles or shotguns up to 54″ tall, non-marring gun barrel rest, Patented barrel standoffs for scoped guns keep them in place; Includes removable top shelf; Meets requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088. Measures 21 x 16 x 55″h. Weighs 77 lbs.

Manufacturer’s Description:
Stack-On’s Gun Cabinets feature welded, steel box construction and superior all steel 3 point locking system with double butted, key coded lock. Full length welded and staked steel piano hinge provides greater security. Also features Stack-On’s patented, contoured non-marring barrel rest and barrel standoffs for scoped guns. Durable baked epoxy finish in hunter green. Flush mount bottom for easier fastening to floor. Pre-drilled mounting holes allow easy attachment to the floor or wall. Fastening and finishing hardware included. Pre-drilled top mounting holes align with Stack-On’s Pistol/Ammo Cabinets. Stack-On’s superior all steel 3-point locking system provides greater security. The locking plate passes behind the steel cabinet frame at the top and bottom of each unit. In addition, a large steel locking plate is secured behind the steel door frame in the center section of the door panel. Molded barrel rests won’t deteriorate or compress over time. The contour of the barrel rest will accommodate rifles as well as side-by-side shotguns. Stack-On’s patented barrel rests keep your guns in place. Stack-On’s patented barrel rest standoffs keep most scoped rifles away from the back of the cabinet and allow for one position storage. This unique standoff can be attached to any Stack-On barrel rest and removed if your needs change.

I ordered mine from http://www.walmart.com and it had $.97 shipping, but I no longer see this model on their site.

The only issue after proper mounting this securely is where you’ll keep the keys!

Sure there are better and more secure gun storage solutions out there but you good luck finding one for under $135!

I also recommend the Stack-On GC-900-5 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet, add-on for additional storage of handguns or ammo.

Probably cheapest at: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Stack-On-Pistol-Ammo-Security-Cabinet-Black/14710757

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