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 I had some paperbacks books that I’ve been meaning to donate or trade in, so today I tossed the heavy box of books into the van and headed into town.
  It was a fairly large box of books, mostly fiction books, like Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. The store proprietor, at Ellies Paper-back Shack, took one look at the sizable box and gave me $100 store credit, without even rooting through the box.
  Wow, I have $100 store credit, what shall I buy? After some quick searching, I walked out of the shop with quite a few books.

Living Off the Land, Wood Heat, The Green Pharmacy, First Lessons in Bee Keeping, Keeping BEES, Scholastic’s The Castaways Survival Guide (got to get my home-schooled daughters in the mix too), HERB Bible, Backyard Composting, and Forest Flora of Canada (close enough to our Flora here in the Eastern USA). I’ll be sure to post reviews on these books as I go through them.

Anyway, kudos to Ellie of Ellie’s Paper-back Shack, in Waldorf, MD. If you ever find yourself in Waldorf, MD stop in and check out her shop.

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