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Survival Skills: Utah Non-Resident CCW class

Utah CCW

Utah CCW

Utah’s CCW is one of the most widely recognized and accepted concealed carry permits in the United States. If you want to carry across multiple states then a Utah non-resident permit might be just the ticket.

If your state recognizes the Utah CCW permit, you MUST get your home states CCW prior to applying for Utah’s. That means us poor souls in MD do NOT have to attempt to get ours, which we know is impossible. Remember if your state doesn’t recognize Utah’s CCW permit then you still can NOT carry in your state (or any other state that doesn’t recognize it)

Saturday (05/21/2011) I took the Utah non-resident CCW class offered by Discover Shooting in VA. It is a 4 hour class where you learn the ins and outs of Concealed carry needed for Utah’s permit.

Discover Shooting’s instructor also helps you with the paperwork, fingerprinting, photos and any other information you may need to get your Utah permit.

I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in carrying in multiple states.

For more information on the courses in the DC area check out Discover Shooting http://www.discovershooting.net/courses.html . You can find Utah CCW classes in your area with a simple Google search as many cities offer the class.

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