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Tiny House Round-Up 08/02/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes we found this week in our Tiny House Round-Up




  Tiny House Round-Up 08/02/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

Homeless man jumps for joy over new tiny house

USA TODAY - 23 hours ago
Infinity Village, the name of the tiny-home community, was an idea dreamed up by Carr and one of his college fraternity brothers, Dwayne A. Jones, while riding down a bumpy road in a tap-tap truck in...

Imaginative tiny house is a mobile classroom, community center and curio (Video)

Treehugger - 22 hours ago
Be they modern, rustic or Japanese-inspired, we've seen an assortment of lovely tiny houses, and even a few tiny house communities to boot. But not all tiny homes have to be private residences;...

Tiny house makes a big splash at the Ag Fair

Martha's Vineyard Times - 1 day ago
Less than an hour after the gates to the Ag Fair opened on Thursday morning, there was a growing line of people waiting to see the tiny house exhibit, a 144-square-foot dwelling on loan from owner...

Downsizing? Go all the way with a 'tiny' home

Shreveport Times - 2 days ago
A tiny home costs a fraction of the price of a full-sized house to build. Many owners of tiny homes so far are young adults who are moving into their first houses. They choose these small spaces...

Small footprint and small price: See what's inside this $22000 tiny home

Today.com - 3 days ago
If you're still curious about the booming idea of a tiny home, one company is looking to make it all the more appealing. Monarch Tiny Homes ... Once you've ordered your home, Monarch will...

'Tiny house' helps Raleigh couple get their boys outdoors

News & Observer - 5 days ago
Whether as a lifestyle or simply a way to avoid a mortgage, the “tiny house” is a counter movement to a prevailing trend toward bigger and more. The median size of a single-family home completed...

The Tiny House goes to the tailgate party

Treehugger - 3 days ago
We often ask why hasn't the tiny house caught on, and clearly, we have been looking in the wrong places at the wrong tiny houses. In Georgia you can rent this beautiful classic antebellum style...

Couple's quest to settle down in mini-home encounters unexpected roadblock

Press Herald - 3 days ago
The living space in the Reens' tiny house includes a queen-size bed that slides under an office area on a platform when the bed is not being used. Through innovative design, everything they need...

Local company takes big step into tiny house industry

Glendale Star - 1 day ago
He said it has to be so simple, so well-planned, a single mother of three could flip a switch and there is an instant home. Fortunately for the two, there is an interesting small-business partnership...

Architect Brad Swartz discusses his winning tiny home formula

Gizmag - 4 days ago
Swartz: I was inspired by contemporary Japanese architecture, in particular SANAA's (an Architecture Firm) "Plum Grove" house, where lots of small rooms are interconnected. What were...

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