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Tiny House Round-Up 08/02/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes we found this week in our Tiny House Round-Up




  Tiny House Round-Up 08/02/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

Tiny Home Times Two: A Package Deal in North Carolina

Fox News - 12 hours ago
After touring the country in an RV, they wanted to put down roots but yearned for a simpler lifestyle than they previously had living in a large home. After constructing 599 Rustic Heights Road, they...

Tiny house on Willow Street hosts open house

Chattanooga Times Free Press - 6 hours ago
The house costs $80,000 and the monthly expenses — mortgage and utilities — will cost around $650, she said. The goal is to let someone who makes $11 an hour purchase the home. "Someone who...

Tiny Seattle home makes 'best of' list

seattlepi.com - 9 hours ago
Jay Labrosse's handbuilt tiny home has been featured on numerous "Best of" lists for rentals. It was just named the cutest tiny home rental in Washington by House Beautiful. Photo: Jay...

Scottsdale Couple Are Pioneers in Tiny-Home Movement in Arizona

Phoenix New Times - 2 days ago
After unsuccessfully scouring the Valley for months in search of land to place his tiny home, Vos abandoned his plans and instead purchased a 750-square-foot house in downtown Phoenix. “That dream...

Tiny Home Boasts Unique Interior Design And Layout

The San Francisco Globe - 17 hours ago
In May of this year, Menard opened the doors of the Lucky Penny to Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey. She showed Jenna the ins and outs of her home in a 13-minute video, which can be viewed below....

Tiny Home Advocate's Mysterious Departure Leaves Group Looking

KCTV5 - 3 days ago
KCTV5 did several stories on the tiny house movement, a movement of those interested in living small, in homes measuring 500 square feet or less. Joshua Farmer wanted to create a village of tiny...

This New Cafe Is Inside Of A Little Tiny House

Sprudge - 2 days ago
At the same time as coffee's continued growth, the Tiny House community is exploding across the United States. Niemyer recalls that laws meant to prevent slumlords from building unhealthy...

Five uses for a tiny home

Fox News - 7 days ago
Rather than hosting people in the spare bedroom down the hall, renting out a tiny home on your property will allow you to keep your distance from your guests. Over time, the place will pay for itself...

Are Tiny Houses the Next Big Thing?

Memphis Flyer - 1 day ago
In 2012, Everson built his first tiny house in his backyard. With no local buyers, he hitched up the trailer, loaded his Great Dane, Sampson, and embarked on a nine-city tour, stopping at Home Depots...

These 'Cube' Homes Stack to Form Pop-Up, Tiny Home Apartment Buildings That ...

Yahoo News - 17 hours ago
The YMCA of London South West has developed what they call the Y:Cube, a simply-designed tiny house unit that can be assembled in a factory, transported to a construction site and then stacked...

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