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Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up




Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

Chesterfield man's tiny home met with big resistance

wtvr.com - 14 hours ago
Michael's dream home however isn't the four-bedroom, two-car garage home you would expect. His home is a tiny house, built in the backyard of the home he owns. It's no bigger than a shed...

Tiny Seattle house takes a final stand

CNBC - 19 hours ago
Only this time, David, a 600-square-foot Seattle home, may not emerge the victor, as the hours tick down to the end of an auction that will leave the structure's future uncertain. For nearly a...

Tiny house, wide impact

Minnesota Daily - 6 hours ago
Tiny house, wide impact. A graduate student at the U is building a small home to save money and energy. Graduate architecture student Ben Kraft works on his thesis project, a tiny house, behind...

Portland as tiny house epicenter: 350 attend conference, quiz builders (photos ...

OregonLive.com - 2 days ago
About 350 people serious about living simply and in a small space gathered at the start of the Tiny House Conference in Portland Saturday. They came from all over the U.S. and as far away from Japan...

Tiny houses: As personal as a thumbprint, as custom as a tattoo (What I ...

OregonLive.com - 20 hours ago
I don't have DIY savvy nor a precious piece of land that will be made right with the right type of home. The Tiny House Conference is for people who may be construction novices but they have done...

Tiny House Tales: Welcome To My 200-Square-Foot 'Dream' Home

Forbes - 1 week ago
Today, one man shares how downsizing into a 200-square-foot home helped him achieve the life—and career—he longed for. My quest to start living in a tiny house wasn't borne out of a need to...

Living in a tiny house: 'The hardest thing about it … is finding a place for ...

Bangor Daily News - 3 days ago
In recent years, as my sons prepared to leave the household, I recognized that I spent most of my time at home in several distinct places in the house — the kitchen, the bathroom, my corner of the...

Birmingham Realtor featured tonight on 'Tiny House Nation'

AL.com - 1 week ago
One night while reading stories of intrepid home owners who had chosen to simplify their lives by downsizing their dwellings, she saw an ad seeking participants for a new television show spotlighting...

Is Tiny Home Life For You? This Quiz Can Answer That.

Huffington Post - 4 weeks ago
You live in a small home or apartment that still feels a little too big, and you can't stop fantasizing about tiny houses. You swipe right for tiny house photos, and have played around with small...

This is what it's like to live in a tiny house in Maine

Bangor Daily News - 1 week ago
What made you decide to live in a tiny house? Honestly, my partner and I had decided we wanted to buy and own our own home, but we weren't sure where we wanted to live yet! Therefore, the idea of...

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