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Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up




Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

Mini decorating tips for tiny house dwellers: Less is so much more

OregonLive.com - 22 hours ago
The Caboose, one of the collection of tiny rental houses at Caravan: The Tiny House Hotel already has red walls, plates and linens as well as a plush velvet-covered chair. That color palette makes...

8 Photos of the Dreamiest Tiny House of All Time

Cosmopolitan.com (blog) - 21 hours ago
... in the Alpine slopes for seven weeks after getting trapped in a landslide.) One architect described the cabin as "somewhat subversive in its use where one can freely enter and hide."...

A tiny house 'pirate ship' in a vineyard is decorated for winter (photos and ...

OregonLive.com - 4 hours ago
Decorating a tiny house Author Suzanne Mathis McQueen lives in a tiny house -- 400 square feet of reclaimed wood, pipes and pulleys -- that acts as a watchtower in a Southern Oregon vineyard but...

'Tiny House Nation' on TV, keeping holiday greenery fresh and defeating energy ...

cleveland.com (blog) - 3 days ago
TV SHOWS SPOTLIGHT SMALL SPACES: It's not size of the home that matters, but the creativity. That's the idea behind "Tiny House Nation" and "Tiny House Hunting," two shows...

Tiny house movement makes big gains

Albany Times Union - 5 days ago
The first seven cottages were completed in January 2014. Tiny-house initiatives to help the homeless have sprouted up in other cities including Eugene, Ore.; Olympia, Wash.; Austin, Texas; Madison,...

St. John's Prep teacher is living the simple life in a 'tiny house'

Boston Globe - 5 days ago
“There are only a few inconveniences, and they don't outweigh the benefits,” said Boutin, 36, who moved into the so-called “tiny house” in August. A teacher of global studies and...

Follow along with this tiny house build on Vancouver Island

Treehugger - 1 week ago
Looking at pictures of tiny houses is the gateway to heavier tiny house fixation, and reading tiny house books feeds the tiny house fascination, but when you start to obsessively tour tiny houses by...

Tiny house rockstar gets his own show, airing this Sunday December 14

Treehugger - 1 week ago
As a recent Fair Companies video testifies, Derek "Deek" Diedricksen is a man with many skills and interests. He's a painter, author, musician, teacher and more. But above all, Deek is...

Tiny house could become your new home

KXAN.com - 3 weeks ago
AUSTIN (KXAN) — For the past year, Austin Community College students have worked with partners from around the city to create an energy efficient, tiny home. The 288 square-foot-home is now ready...

Move over, McMansions – the tiny house movement is here

CityMetric - 2 days ago
Members of the Tiny Houses Australia community, they're attending a Spring Camp to talk about how to build a tiny house, and compare notes on how to address common barriers, like local government...

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