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Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up




Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

“The Community Project” wants to bring a tiny house community to East TN

WATE 6 On Your Side - 2 days ago
The Community Project wants to use a brand of tiny homes called NOMAD Micro Homes. The houses are in the average price range of $28,000, making them an affordable option. Currently the organization...

SCTCC program responds to booming tiny house movement

St. Cloud Times - 2 days ago
In the United States, bigger has always been better. Bigger means we have more disposable income. Bigger means status. Nowhere is this seen more than in the housing market. I recall an immigrant...

Students complete tiny house, ready to auction it

KTVB - 3 days ago
HORSESHOE BEND, Idaho -- Students at Horseshoe Bend High School are finished building a tiny house they've been working on all year. ... It's a story we first brought you back in February...

Music City's Tiny House available to rent in Germantown

WKRN.com - 6 days ago
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The smallest house in Nashville is up for rent on a popular rental site. Sarah and John Murphy own the home that's only 200-square feet and call it Music City's...

Front Range tiny house has plenty of rustic charm

Gizmag - 5 days ago
As anyone who's spent time living in a small home will attest to, lack of storage space can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a happy small living experience. On this front, the tiny...

Tiny house movement arrives on Grand Strand

WPDE - 5 days ago
Obviously, the Theilers can afford a large home, but now they'd rather spend their money on other things. "This will give us a lot more discretionary money to travel, do the things we like...

Ecocapsule is the egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid and off-pipe

Treehugger - 4 days ago
Often when we show tiny homes, readers point out that designers should learn from boats, where people have been organizing small spaces forever. Now Bratislava based Nice Architects introduce the...

A New Tiny House Documentary Digs into the Nitty-Gritty of Small Living

Curbed National - 2 weeks ago
Indeed, Small is Beautiful, a new documentary from Australian filmmaker Jeremy Beasley cuts deep into the lives of four tiny house dwellers in Portland, Oregon—including a young couple who embark...

Tiny house movement takes downsizing to the extreme

STLtoday.com - 1 week ago
He didn't build his home either. It's a 1930s craftsman that he has lovingly rehabbed. One of the tenets of the tiny house movement (you know, you've seen the posts on Facebook) is not...

Pint-size trend: Tiny house movement reaches metro

KCTV Kansas City - 1 week ago
"I wanted to see what was the smallest house that I could build and live in and still provide my basic needs." Rouse spent the past year building a 7-foot by 10-foot home on a set of RV...

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