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Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up




Tiny House Round-Up 09/06/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

A Pint-Sized Nightmare: Five Couples Speak Out About Tiny Home Horrors

Gawker - 13 hours ago
“The house just became this thing that we were [literally] hauling from place to place,” says one owner. “I was aware of [the law], but the compulsion to build a house was so great that I went...

Iowa Man Builds Tiny House of His Dreams

whotv.com - 1 day ago
SHELDAHL, Iowa –We all have an idea of what our dream home would look like. Jacob Adler is making his a reality. It is just smaller than most. “It's a tiny house. This is totally off the...

Winston-Salem couple's 'Tiny House Expedition'

myfox8.com - 7 hours ago
Those may seem like philosophical questions suited to long discussions over a few pints at the pub but for a couple from Winston-Salem, they are ideas that frame their lives. In this edition of the...

This Guy Built an Insanely Tiny House For an Insanely Small Amount of Money

Cosmopolitan.com (blog) - 11 hours ago
Jacob Adler of Sheldahl, Iowa, built the home you see above on his own. Though the house is not livable yet, according to NBC 13, Adler plans to move with his 275-square-foot home to Colorado later...

Harvard Startup 'Getaway' Taps Into Tiny House Movement

CBS Local - 9 hours ago
BOSTON (CBS) – Going small is catching on. On the Boston waterfront, micro condos at 450 square feet are popping up everywhere and now, WBZ's business reporter Jeff Brown finds vacationers are...

Canada's first tiny house festival debuts as part of planned tiny housing ...

Treehugger - 1 day ago
Tiny homes are becoming a big thing, but one barrier to widespread adoption has been finding land to legally site them on. That may be changing here in Canada, though: we visited Canada's first...

Living in tiny homes was much harder than these people realized

Business Insider - 1 day ago
Between the pregnancy and surprise health challenges, the Gibsons realized that their portable house on wheels required too much maintenance and energy now that they were dragging it from one family...

'Tiny house' movement comes with hitch

The Providence Journal - 3 days ago
"I don't know how we would treat them," said city Zoning Administrator Shad Spencer about tiny houses. "At this time, we don't know how they are classified. If they are...

CNE nears completion of first tiny house in Ridgedale neighborhood

Nooga.com - 2 days ago
Construction on the first tiny house in Chattanooga's inner-city neighborhood of Ridgedale is nearing completion. Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprises officials hope this home will create enough...

Tiny house living on Cape Cod

Wicked Local Truro - 13 hours ago
Guest Commentary. Author Kate Whouley recently spoke about her book “Cottage for Sale, Must be Moved” at Brooks Free Library. She chronicled her story, which included the communities of people...

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